Thursday, May 29, 2008

Duh...Allow foreign retiring citizens to be in India...

Here is a crazy rule being enforced in India; retiring foreigners are not allowed to settle in India. With the globalization of Indian commerce (and way of living, to some extent), this will be the case often. Plus these retirees end up spending their dollars and pounds in India and contribute to the local economy.

This is especially bad for states like Goa and Kerala which can have the cultural, tourism and spiritual background to support retirees of non-Indian origin. The main issue in these cases seems to be purchase of land by foreigners which is not allowed under Indian laws.

Maybe there can be restrictions, but there cannot be a ban. I am guessing that this does not apply to persons of Indian origin. Because soon there will be tons of British and US citizens retiring back to India(and doing social work). Either way, retirees should not be stopped this way; maybe a new visa type can be arranged to take care of this. Maybe properties can be marketed to them for rent once the rules are sorted out favorably.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Of Geese that lay Golden Eggs (and their callous caretakers)

A former tourism minister is threatening tourists on the eve of new year. That provides you a lot of insight into the personality of this individual. Someone please remember this and not elect this guy as a tourism minister later on. I wonder about the kind of damage he would have done when he was the tourism minister. Reminds me of Deve Gowda and his contempt for Bangalore IT.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Goa blog

Welcome to the Goa blog!

The blog has a Google news feed related to Goa. Plus links of interest related to Goa. So if you are a follower of events related to Goa, this page should provide you with all the required tools.

You will also see a Goa specific search engine attached to this blog. This search engine will give priority to Government and other good websites that have a focus on Goa.

Give all the tools a try! Happy browsing!